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the NEWS

As we head into this massive project, we will be updating you on progress right here! This is what we have so far:


With a national coin shortage being reported by banks and retailers across the country it has become apparent that many people cannot get rolls to search through at this time. Given that, be patient. If you cannot get coins now, the problem will eventually resolve itself and you will once again be able to get coins. For now, count whatever you get in change, whatever you can get in rolls, as long as it came from regular circulation, that's what we are seeking. With the new deadline of August 2021, we have over a full year remaining to finish our 80,000 boxes of cents!


While a number of people have come forward to help with this project, unfortunately that number is not significantly substantial enough to cover the number of coins we need to process. We have roughly 500 volunteers and need close to 40,000. Given this, we are going to extend the project into a 2020-2021 project with fugres due no later than the end of August 2021.


It has been brought to my attention that my Modern Cent sort sheet had a mistake with regard to the seven varieties of 1982 Lincoln cent with regard to the composition and date sizes. If you are not sorting these out, the sheet available until today should work just fine for you. If you are sorting the 1982 cents, you'll need to get the new form here.


We are ready to get deep into the project now, except we still do not have the website ready for data entry. We should have that ready by the first of June. You can get started on your box sorting as long as you understand that right now you have no place online to enter the final data. Just save the sheets you are using and we will make the place to enter the data soon.


As of today plans are much more concrete regarding how things will progress from here, but at this moment it is still too soon to start distributing information just in case changes need to take place.

Just remember, to register to volunteer, we just need to know how many boxes you think you can sort by date and mint mark and report those numbers back to us by the end of September. ALL registration submissions NEED to come to me via email (cd@coppercoins.com) rather than in text or messenger. I need your full name, the county where you live, the email address where you want to be contacted about this project, and the number of boxes you pledge. That's all! :)


As our first week of this project draws to a close, I am happy to report that our pledge count for boxes of cents is up to 415 boxes, and I have heard from dozens of volunteers. This is an exciting thought, because it only took a few days to get to this point, and with the recent published articles about the project, we are seeing a daily increase in the number of volunteers!

Expectation is that we will be able to distribute something concrete regarding instructions on how to carry out this project in the next few days. We are working on a spreadsheet as well as a printable PDF form you can use to keep track of your count at home, as well as a database driven website back end with a form where you will be able to enter your tallied results for us to review and import into the master database.


The Cent Project 2020 kicked off today with a new group on Facebook where volunteers and coordinators can share their experiences and information duting the project.

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