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12/14/2007 - Cent Project on temporary hold

The cent project is having to go on hold for now because the coordinator of the project is moving cross-country to Florida.

What this means to those who sorted the coins - you have extra time to get your results in, because they are now not due until January 31, 2008. In fact, we can't do anything with them other than store them until that time.

This move does NOT affect the outcome of the cent project. Data will still be collected and crunched for publication by the first of March as originally intended. Part of the original deadlines planned into the project allowed for a lot of extra time for sorters to get their part done. All the delay does is crunch the coordinator into getting the data compiled a little faster.

So...the cent project is still alive and well. The coordinator is back and forth between Missouri and Florida regularly preparing for the move and is generally not available - but this unavailability is very temporary.

10/24/2007 - 'About' brings the project to their readers

The editor for the coin collecting section of About.com contacted me this week about publishing the cent project in their e-newsletter and on their site. Exciting news because there are a LOT of subscribers who will get a chance to see this site and volunteer to help out.

To visit the article about this project on their site, click on the following link: coins.about.com

10/19/2007 - The Cent Project hits 150 volunteers!

As of today we have 150 batches being sorted and counted. We have reports already on 7 batches, and should start seeing some data by the end of the month on the batches already counted. Later this week I will go through the volunteers page and highlight the user names of the people for whom I have received and entered data. If you've turned yours in and your name isn't highlighted by the 24th, please contact me. We may have crossed wires.

10/16/2007 - Downloadable data collection files ready.

I have them in two formats, ready for download. Only the Excel file is editable on your computer. The PDF file is for print only, and you would have to mail that one in. Please use the Excel file if you can, it would make data entry much easier for us.
the Excel file (23K)
Adobe PDF file (59K)

10/05/2007 - Project Under Way!

Today marks the official opening day of the project. Everyone who has their coins can get started! Remember to sort the large and small date coins, and remember to sort the metals for 1982 cents - a hint for how to do that is behind the 1982 link at the top of this page. If you have questions, just email them.

09/30/2007 - A Site is Born!

Project coordinator Charles D. Daughrtey published www.thecentproject.com today. The idea is that this site will serve as the hub for this project, where people can volunteer, read the latest news on the project, and see their results develop into an unprecedented study of circulating coinage.

09/30/2007 - Plea for Publication

The basis to the Cent Project was put together and emailed to several publications today in hopes that at least one of them will respond and be willing to publish our story. The thought is that we might just get all the volunteers we need to make the project work within a week of publication date of any one of the sources emailed.

Sources emailed today are; Coin World, Numismatic News, CoinAge Magazine, CONECA, and NCADD.

09/29/2007 - Volunteers Pour In

After posting the premise to the project on the Coin Community Family forum (www.coincommunity.com) and the Collector's Universe US Coin forum (http://forums.collectors.com/categories.cfm?catid=26), nearly 45 volunteers sent messages to help with the Cent Project.

Project Coordinator, Charles Daughtrey, believes this is a great start, even though we need far more than what has already come in.

09/27/2007 - The Cent Project is Born

The Cent Project, the result of a brainstorm by Charles D. Daughtrey back in 1999, is finally alive and well. Charles wanted to do a circulating cent count back in 1999, but didn't know enough people and didn't have enough of a following to make the project a reality.

Based on that and the attention his work has received over the past 7 years, Charles believes this project will now work. Only time (and volunteers) will tell!

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